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Deluxe line: strength machines for luxurious gym

Deluxe strength machines are characterized by modern construction frame, luxurious design and round edges. This line is suitable for all prestige spaces like high-end clubs, hotel and company gyms, wellness centers etc. It's also convenient for the home gym, in case the owner wants the best for oneself. In Deluxe line, you will find the machines for the training of all muscle groups.

5 advantages of Deluxe line

  1. Effective and efficient training
    Contrary to the other lines, there are more possibilities how to adjust the backrests, seats and grips. One can find the most comfortable position copying one's natural movements. Thanks to this, every sportsman/woman can adjust the machines to make the training right, effective and at the same time efficient.
  2. Weightstacks at hand
    Most of the strength machines from this line have pulley with weighstack directly beside the seat, not behind it. It's not necessary to leave the training position in order to change the weight load.
  3. Both for professional and amateur sportsmen/women.
    In case you have a hotel gym, it's going to be visited by clients who do not normally go to the gym. During their holidays, they would like to try to exercise. These clients appreciate simple and uncomplicated use. Ease of use is also convenient for professional bodybuilders, who do not want to loose time by complicated usage during the training and can focus more on the training itself.
  4. Modern design
    Deluxe strength machines catch your attention at first sight. It's made of round edges, which are an interesting and at the same time modern design feature.
  5. Suitable for rehabilitation
    Line REHA is the part of Deluxe line. It's suitable for rehabilitation and it can be used as training machines for elderly people or women.

→ Deluxe line can be combined with other lines and – Compact, Classic, a Energy. We will advise you how to put the strength machines together to find the right solution for your clients and also according to your financial expectations. Apart from customized strength machines, we can also deliver cardio machines from our well-known allied partner BH fitness and any other fitness equipment you might need. Contact us to get more information.

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