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About us

Our father Petr Grün, the founder of GRÜN SPORT company started to manufacture strength machine immediately after the Velvet revolution in 1989. Being an enthusiast athlete, he had already manufactured a few strength machines for himself. His motivation to start up with his own business were the requests from his friends who asked him to manufacture for them exactly the same machines. Our initial manufacturing premises were humble and later on not sufficient for the growing number of customers. In 1993, we decided to build a brand new manufacturing premises.

In order to maintain our existing customers and convince new customers, we have to guarantee high quality and long life cycle of the strength machines in the gyms. We've found out, that this approach, introduced in 1989, was the right one. Thanks to this approach, we can offer a constantly expanding range of products.


My sister and I are focused to continue the legacy our dad established and built over the last almost 30 years. At the same time, we are continuously working with the whole GRÜN SPORT team on the development of new machines.

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We are delivering our products all over the world

Many Czech professional sportsmen like bodybuilders, athletes, football and hockey players are training on our strength machines.

Emphasis on high quality materials and manufacturing process

We do not make compromises when the material quality and production is in question.

The production located in Czech Republic means, that we can guarantee the high quality and long life cycle of the machines. We are thus part of the worldwide known stregth equipment. You are welcomed in our manufacturing premises so that you can check personally our production made predominantly from Czech materials.

Our continuous development of machines means an advancement also for you. Nearly thirty years of experience bring benefits to our customers. Find out with us directly, what makes us successfull, what can you expect from us and above all, why you can rely on us.


The idea of the highest possible quality stands behind everything we do. Our success is behind our decision to bet on quality of material, production and services. We are offering to you customized solution and our know-how.


We are providing complete consultancy to make the right choice of the strength machines for both your public or private gym. Naturally we are offering a wide variability of the final design. The frame and the upholstery can be manufactured in any coloured combination. Furthermore we provide warranty and post-warranty service. We can also arrange transportation and assembly at customer's premises.