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Energy line: dual disc machines to complete your gym

Energy Deluxe strength machines are suitable for the correction of muscle imbalances. An athlete can perform workout separately either for the left or the right side of the body. For instance, If an athlete has one leg stronger, the weaker leg can be trained separately or trained with more weight loaded.

2 benefit of Energy Deluxe collection

  1. Strength machines will be valued by professionals
    You can find modern strength machines in this line but the price is, when compared to Deluxe line, lower. These machines are predominantly manufactured for professionals, who know, how their body works and they have enough strength in their arms. The discs have to be loaded manually. This is the reason why we recommend it for larger gyms, where every sportsmen/women can find the strength machines according to one's needs.
  2. You are going to attract even golf, football, hockey and tennis players
    Would you like your gym to be a destination for exercisers like golf or tennis players? You can offer them compensational tranining. At the beginning, they shall train together with an instructor. Later, they are able to train alone. You can check Energy Deluxe line even if you are searching a strength equipment for your golf club, tennis or athletic premises.

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