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Classic line: basic gym equipment for any type of a gym

Do you have a slightly lower budget for the equipment of your gym or sport club, but you do not want to make compromise in terms of quality? Then the Classic line is the right choice for you. You can find there professional strength machines for tough training of all muscle groups.

5 benefits of Classic line

  1. Strong construction, favourable price
    The line is characterized by round, robust and highly stable construction - the construction of the machines is strong but at the same time price affordable.
  2. You are going to attract frequent visitors of a gym
    Would you like your gym to be a destination for professionals, who are not afraid to lift maximum weights and belong to the most loyal visitors? These visitors appreciate classic, robust machines, which are the most suitable for the training. These machines are naturally also suitable for the less experienced sportsmen/women.
  3. Classis line is trendy
    Even though we offer also design strength machines, there's still an enormous interest in benches, towers, horizontal bars and other strength machines from the Classic line.
  4. Lifespan of dozens of years
    We produced the first Classic strength machines in 1989. In many gyms, it's still being used.
  5. Suitable for rehabilitation
    Part of Classic line is Reha line, suitable for rehabilitation or for women.

→ Deluxe line can be combined with other lines – Compact, Classic, and Energy. We will advise you how to put together all the gym equipment to make it suitable for your clients and also according to your financial expectations. Apart from customized strength machines, we can also deliver cardio machines from our well-known allied partner BH fitness and any other fitness equipment you might need. Contact us 


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  • DISCS 50 mm

    Loading discs / plates 50 mm are made in the following weight categories: 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg

    Řada Classic

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