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Compact collection

Do you need to fit out a gym, sport club, fitness room in hotel or home gym? Do you want the strength machines to be comfortable, affordable and with trendy design? Then you can choose from Compact line, which is characterized by round edges. You can find there strength machines for the whole body.

5 benefits of Compact line

  1. Modern strength machines for convenient price
    There are modern strength machines in this line but the price is, when compared to Deluxe line, lower.
  2. Comfortable training
    Strength machines are in all aspects comfortable and training-friendly. It means, that during the training, there are mainly engaged the actually trained muscles. The surrounding muscles are not being loaded in vain.
  3. For the beginners and advanced
    All the strength machines can be easily operated. Everybody can train on it. This fact is appreciated by the beginners, experienced sportsmen/women are going to feel it as a benefit.
  4. Remarkable design
    Strength machines are good-looking. There are round edged used on the construction, which represent both modern and at the same time original design feature.
  5. Suitable for rehabilitation
    Line REHA is the part of the line. It contains strength rehabilitation machines.

→ Deluxe line can be combined with other lines – Compact, Classic, and Energy. We will advise you how to put together multistation tower, benches, horizontal bars and other gym equipment to make it suitable for your clients and according to your financial expectations. Apart from customized strength machines, we can also deliver cardio machines from our well-known allied partner BH fitness and any other fitness equipment you might need. Contact us